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Enforcement Letter

Organisation: Financial Supervisory Commission
Issue No.: Financial-Supervisory-Securities-Firms-1100333478 
Issue Date: 2021/03/23
Content:     Order of the Financial Supervisory Commission

    Issue date: 23 March 2021
    Issue no.: Financial-Supervisory-Securities-Firms-1100333478

  1. Pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 1, subparagraph 6 of the Regulations Governing Investment in Securities by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals, exchange traded notes (ETNs) issued under the Regulations Governing the Issuance of Exchange Traded Notes by Securities Firms are approved as within the scope of securities in which offshore overseas Chinese and foreign nationals may invest. However, this does not include ETNs for which the method of calculation of indicative value involves the New Taiwan Dollar exchange rate.
  2. This Order is effective from 31 March 2021.