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Article 1     These Operation Directions shall apply to securities brokers providing investors a function to place conditional trade orders ("conditional orders").
Article 2     Conditional orders may be placed by electronic or non-electronic trading methods. A securities broker may in its own discretion decide whether to provide such function and the applicable conditions for each trading method.
Article 3     Article 35-12 of the TPEx Rules Governing Securities Trading on the TPEx ("Trading Rules") shall apply to trade quotes and the time in force of trade quotes with respect to conditional orders.
Article 4     Article 62, paragraphs 2 and 4 of the TPEx Trading Rules shall apply to the preparation and retention of order tickets with respect to conditional orders.
Article 5     In the case of a conditional order placed over the Internet, the initial order data, order data upon satisfaction of triggering condition, and electronic signature issued by the certification authority, of the investor shall be completely retained by the securities firm, and the "order method" section of the order record shall state that the order was placed with trade conditions set via computer programs over the Internet.
    In the case of a conditional order to be placed face-to-face, the securities firm shall additionally provide a written form for the placement of the conditional order (containing the accepted conditions), which shall be completed by the investor and attached to the order ticket as documentary evidence for future use in auditing or in the case of a dispute.
Article 6     These Operation Directions, and any amendments hereto, shall be implemented by public announcement after submission to and approval by the competent authority.