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1     In operations where a securities broker accepts customers' trade orders for trading using the Internet or other electronic means, the customers shall themselves enter the content of an order, which shall then be verified by the securities broker's computer server automatically. If any irregular order is identified, the processing person (a senior agent or agent) shall review the order. If verified as accurate, the records of trade orders shall be printed chronologically, and shall be signed by the relevant processing persons upon the closing of the market. The order records shall contain the name or account number of the principal, the date and time the order was placed, the type of securities, the number of shares, the price (limit or market), the time in force (rest-of-day, immediate-or-cancel, fill-or-kill), the name or code of the processing person, and the order method.
    For the purposes of the preceding paragraph, records of orders placed by principals through the Internet shall contain the Internet Protocol (IP) address and electronic signature. Where an order is placed through voice-mail, the caller's telephone number shall be recorded using the caller-end number display function enabled by the telecommunications operator. However, the securities broker need not print out trade order records if its record storage operations comply with Article 62, paragraph 8 of the TPEx Rules Governing Securities Trading on the TPEx. Along with trade orders submitted by other order methods, orders transmitted to the TPEx shall be marked with the transmission time and serial number. The above order records and the order records in computer files shall be retained for at least 5 years if no trading dispute occurs. In case of a trading dispute, the relevant order records shall be retained until the dispute is resolved.

Attached Chart:
Process Flow Chart for Securities Brokers Preparing Trade Order Records for Trading on the TPEx Using the Internet or Other Electronic Means
2     There shall be no skipped, omitted, or repeated numbers in the above serial numbers of orders generated by the securities broker.