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1     Basis
    The key points have been promulgated in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 8 of the Rules Governing Offshore Funds.
2     Purpose of Staff Training
    In order to promote development in domestic asset management and develop our asset management service business, it is hoped to import the experience of foreign asset managers. The objectives are to improve knowledge relating to offshore funds, sales skills, and the investment analysis ability of foreign securities markets of domestic staff and to further upgrade the development of our asset management service industry and the competitiveness of our country.
3     Training Organizations and Training Targets of the Staff Training Plan:
  1. The training organizations referred to herein include offshore fund institutions and professional institutions designated by them.
  2. The training targets referred to herein shall stand for the general agents appointed by the aforementioned offshore fund institutions in accordance with Paragraph 1, Article 3 of the Rules Governing Offshore Funds and their associated persons.
4     Training Contents
    The contents of the training plan referred to in the Key Points may include the following:
  1. Relevant sales and investment skills relating to offshore funds;
  2. Practical skills in handling purchases, redemptions, transfers of offshore funds;
  3. Investment analysis of offshore funds and foreign securities market;
  4. Relevant laws of the jurisdiction of the offshore fund registration place;
  5. Practical issues and knowledge relating to offshore funds;
  6. Disclosures relating to offshore fund information; and
  7. Operation and knowledge relating to the protection of offshore fund investors' rights.
5     Method of Execution:
  1. The training can be carried out by the training organizations providing relevant courses, seminars, conferences, actual visits, video conferences or classes, either through various rounds of training or by conducting the training at multiple locations simultaneously.
  2. Staff training shall not occur less than once a year.
  3. The number of staff to be trained must not be less than three (3) and the total number of training hours must not be less than twelve (12) per year.
6     Appendix The Key Points will take effect after they have been approved by the board of this Association and approved by the Financial Supervisory Commission for implementation. Any amendments thereafter must be handled in the same manner.
    (The English translation has been provided by courtesy of Lexcel Partners, Attorneys-at-Law at the engagement by the Securities Investment Trust and Consulting Association.)