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Article 1     These Regulations are promulgated pursuant to Article 8 of the Regulations Governing Trading of Securities on the Taipei Exchange (TPEx).
Article 2     An issuer applying for TPEx listing of its already-issued call (put) warrants on the TPEx shall enter into a TPEx Listing Contract for Call (Put) Warrants with the TPEx for the matters specified herein.
Article 3     The call (put) warrant issuer and the TPEx shall act in conformity with applicable acts and regulations and the bylaws and public announcements of the TPEx.
Article 4     A TPEx listing contract for call (put) warrants shall specify the type of warrant, issue date, follow-on issue warrant name, follow-on issue warrant code, multiplier, duration, underlying index, underlying security or basket of securities, number of units issued, issue price, strike price (index), exercise period (or date), other terms of issuance, names of liquidity providers, and price quotation methods of liquidity providers, for the call (put) warrants of which the application for TPEx listing is filed.
    If, after TPEx listing, any adjustment or change is made to the content of the issuance plan for the call (put) warrants, the adjusted or changed matters relating to such TPEx listed call (put) warrants, as specified on the application form for TPEx listing of the call (put) warrants after approval by the TPEx, shall be deemed a portion of the TPEx listing contract for the call (put) warrants.
Article 5     A call (put) warrant issuer shall, after the TPEx listing contract takes effect, pay the call (put) warrant TPEx listing fees to the TPEx at the time of TPEx listing according to the TPEx Listing Fee Schedule for Call (Put) Warrants prescribed by the TPEx.
Article 6     Where necessary, as determined by applicable acts or regulations, TPEx bylaws, or reasons otherwise sufficient to adversely affect market order or the rights or interests of investors, the TPEx may change the trading method of call (put) warrants already listed on the TPEx or halt their trading, in which events it shall report to the competent authority for recordation within 1 month, or suspend the trading or delist the warrants from the TPEx, and report to the competent authority for recordation.
Article 7     Any dispute arising out of a TPEx listing contract for call (put) warrants shall be settled by arbitration, to which the provisions regarding arbitration under the Securities and Exchange Act and the TPEx Rules Governing Securities Trading on the TPEx shall apply mutatis mutandis.
Article 8     These Regulations, and any amendments hereto, shall take effect upon ratification by the competent authority.