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1     The undersigned __________________ ("Party A") and ___________________(Party B") hereby enter into this Agreement ("this Addendum") in respect of business needs for outright sale to another party of book-entry central government bonds acquired through over-the-counter repurchase/resale (RP/RS) bond transaction business operated by Party A. The two parties agree to abide by the terms and conditions as follows:

Article 1
    This Addendum, the Bond Repurchase/Resale Master Agreement, and the terms of Individual Agreements constitute the sole lawful and effective evidence regarding matters stipulated between Party A and Party B. Given any discrepancy between the terms of the Master Agreement or an Individual Agreement and the terms of this Addendum, this Addendum shall govern.

Article 2
    The subject of any transaction carried out by the parties pursuant to this Addendum must be book-entry central government bonds.

Article 3
    Prior to the resale date, ownership of the subject bonds of the transaction resides with the buyer, and the buyer may sell outright to another party the bonds delivered by the seller.

Article 4
    The stipulated RP/RS period for any transaction carried out between Party A and Party B pursuant to this Addendum may not exceed one month.
    The seller may not demand early termination of the contract during the time period stipulated in the preceding paragraph, provided that this requirement shall not apply if otherwise stipulated between the parties.

Article 5
    For delivery of the subject bonds of the transaction, title transfer registration must be carried out through the Central Government Securities Settlement System.

Article 6
    No amendment to this Addendum shall take effect except by means of a written confirmation signed and/or sealed by both parties.

    By and between:
    Party A: ______________________________ (signature/seal)
    Party B: _______________________________ (signature/seal)